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cassious's Journal


I'm James, or Jimbo, or Cassious, or jim, or whatever.

I'm technically Australian, although I'v lived in the States and in Venezuela, and have visited various locations including India and the Carribean. That being said, its annoying as hell not living anywhere permanantly. I'm also technically Anglican Christian, although I never practice Christianity, aside from Christmas, and I'm interested in Buddhism. My Major interests in life are Music (mostly classic rock, progressive rock, and latin music), movies, my friends, and my Bachalor of Journalism that I am studying at the University of Queensland. I severely dislike the dating game and I don't understand why I need a girfriend. I'd rather just hang out with my mates.

I'm currently living in St Leo's college in UQ, but I realy don't recommend it, unless for some reason you're interested in living in a place who's majority population are sexist, homophobic, racist, arrogant, immature, and perpetualy drunk pricks. I'm currently look for somewhere to rent in Brisbane for next semester (give me a yell if you have a empty room I can live in! LOL)